Vignettes in Aging – Time

Tomorrow is going happen whether we’re here or not to see it roll around!

Tell me something I don’t know. Just take a moment, however, to clear out the white noise and really think about this statement … and how it applies to you.

These days ahead are for you. You have everything you need to make them 1) belong entirely to you and 2) make them turn out to the best you can envision today. While, I reread these words, I’m looking over my shoulder for the Pollyanna who might have spoken them. The concept does seem a tad simple. And it is.

How many times have you had a straightforward idea of something only to, over time, complicate it in your mind? For instance, you need to apologize to someone. And you get tangled up in the best method to make that apology … when, where, what, and how. Or you worry to the point of non-action about how you’ll be perceived or judged.  And it never gets done.

Time moves forward whether you intellectualize it or simply let it carry you to calmness and joy.

It’s not that there should be no bad times, no times occupied with hardship, illness, and sorrow. It is about most of our time being spent in activities that we don’t think about. These are the times we are numb, complaining, bored, and getting swept away in anger and drama.

As elders, it’s safe to say we have less time than we used to have. Time is unbending, the great unknown commodity; it will not wait for us – not to say ‘we’re sorry,’ or to get out of a bad situation, or do that one thing we’ve always been meaning to do. Whether Buddha truly said it or not, it is true:  “The trouble is that we think we have time.”

There exists all around us a current state of angst that perpetuates negative vibes and swallows up our time in great gulps. It takes a little bit of energy to step outside the downward spiral and look upward. It’s a paradigm shift from apprehension to a better place of inward peace and contentedness. It is worth the time to side step the negativity vortex.

The moments ahead of this one are going to come regardless of our mood or attitude. How will you be in those moments in time? How will you best use those moments productively in work and play, and how willing are you to waste them?

This is your time.