Vignettes in Aging – Trust

Trust is gold. It’s the invisible commodity that is treasured above so much else in the material world.

As babies, being completely dependent, we learn trust early in life. The more we trust, the better we feel, about ourselves and about others, and this good feeling carries over into all aspects of our life. In this way, trust is worth the work it takes to establish and maintain within ourselves and with others.

A lack of trust, on the other hand, damages us and prevents us from being the best we can be. Once lost, trust is difficult to re-establish. How we elders enjoy our seniordom is greatly influenced by how we trust. As we age, we revert back to being dependent.

We can’t control the trustworthiness of others – not in our friends, family, nor strangers we encounter. All we can do, as with so much of our life experiences, is control our own way in the world. Mirroring trust in ourselves draws others toward us. We are safe and compassionate and nonjudgmental in their eyes.

When trust is part of any relationship, personal or business, we can breathe a sigh of relief. That trust frees us up to be and do the best we are capable of.

Each of us has the power – the choice – to model trustworthy behavior. And what you give out is what you will receive.

Be known as someone who can be trusted. If you are, your value will shine.