Vignettes on Aging:  Grace

Living in grace means living in a state of unconditional love for yourself and others. It is the acceptance of everyone as they are and everything as it is, and the realization that we can only change ourselves. Grace isn’t about trying to be perfect. Perfection thwarts a graceful life.

Grace is gratitude for the marvelous gift of life. It is patient and kind and open. Grace fosters growth in us and in others. Grace is resilient. It stays with us when times are tough. It includes humor and lightness of being.

Grace has been characterized as the harmonious joining of mind, body, and spirit with nature. It elicits a freedom of self to live as fully and as joyously as we are able. Living unified with happiness attracts the goodness in our tasks and relationships toward us like a magnet.

Want to live a graceful life? One of the best ways to do that is to accept yourself – flaws and all. Fully accepting yourself is in no way self-centered or narcissistic. Being good to yourself makes you want to help other people. Do you know that feeling when all is right with the world and you’re feeling really good about yourself? That feeling snowballs to all you come into contact with, whether it’s hubby or a grocery clerk.

Do you live in grace? Where does grace show up in your life? In what ways could you bring more grace into your life? How would your life be better with more grace expressing itself through you?