Vignettes on Aging – Mindset

When you day dream, where does your mind go? Do you relive fun activities and events or, on a darker side, do you wander into the depths of concern for your future? Do you spend most of your time wondering if there’ll be enough of the good stuff to last through your final years and days? Do you worry about the state of the world with all the problems and challenges that are roadblocks to prosperity to you and your family?

The trend I’m pointing out is not that you’re focused on worries about your future and the future of mankind. The point here is that while you’re worrying and lamenting, the real world out there is still out there, and it’s not waiting for you to finish worrying and lamenting.

Is your perspective on life and the attitude you carry forth each day, every hour of each day, especially for the things beyond your control, blinding you to the joys that exist regardless of your mindset? There’s that funny saying: You can’t pick up the gold brick until you let go of the brick made of sh*t. What are you carrying? And is what you’re carrying preventing you from getting the good stuff?

It’s up to you. Your mindset determines your happiness. Focusing on the good, the fun, the most positive aspects in no way denies that there are a ton of sh*tty bricks out there. They’ll still be there whether you focus on them or not.

Where is your mindset?
Your happiness is determined by the answer.