Vignettes on Aging – The Key

Self-care is the key to surviving and enjoying the holidays.

So, here we go!

The holidays lie before us and, after years of being closed in and restricted, people are showing their willingness, their exuberance at getting out in the holiday mix and restoring celebrations to the way they used to be. We saw that opening during the summer months with travel, vacations, sporting events, concerts, and picnics and BBQs bursting forth as they used to be three to four years ago. Some are still masked and avoiding the more congested of venues, but, in general, we’re back, baby!

Now the holidays are here!

At a time of year when most activities shift to doing for others — entertaining, feeding, gifting, and providing for those less fortunate — we forget ourselves. Our well-being is at the heart of doing for others and doing for ourselves. If we have learned one thing during the last couple of years, hopefully we’ve learned that each of us must decide what will keep us healthy. It’s important too that our decision doesn’t negatively impact others.

If we’re taking care of ourselves first, we are in a better position to share and do for our family and friends. This isn’t a new concept. It’s always been this way. Let’s not forget it wasn’t too long ago when some of us overdid; we bought too much, cooked (and ate!) too much, and, in general, burned our candle at both ends during the holidays. My MO was to begin eating at Halloween and not let up until after my birthday the middle of January. Phew! I don’t know how my body did that. This year gives me another opportunity to confirm that mindless eating doesn’t serve me.

What are your challenges around self-care during the holidays? Here we are at the beginning. We can make those agreements now that we’ll take care, that we’ll really do our best to take care of ourselves first. The rest will follow.

I was going to say “good luck,” but I know you’ve got this. It isn’t a test. It’s an opportunity to give yourself the biggest and best holiday gift ever!

Cheers and let’s have fun!