Ways to Improve Well-Being Now or Anytime

How are you doing? Fine? Better than fine?  Or perhaps worse?

It’s said that how you’re doing and how you feel is a result of what’s going on inside of you rather than what is going on out there. Many would argue against this statement since there’s been so much negativity out there that can’t help but severely impact your well-being. Right?

Personally, I can easily get stuck in my head, rolling around all those gloomy thoughts that surface with a vengeance. If I don’t check myself, I can become an expert in letting the bad overshadow the good. These thoughts, feelings, and reactions to them do nothing positive or uplifting for my welfare.

I’m always on the lookout for ways to send off into the cosmos that which does not serve me. I keep looking for that one new thing that will provide the calm, the grace, the salve that soothes, and that blanket of warm feelings that will overtake any amount of angst.

The problem with my vigilance is that it’s a waste of time.

The ways to improve my well-being now and at any time are already operating in the universe.

There is no new thing, no new product that will solve all our problems and all the world problems. There is no new concept or approach or technique to get to a place of everlasting contentment or happiness.

The first flaw in my desire for calm is that I want it all the time, every moment of every day. I do my homework, I pay my taxes, am never late, am kind to others, and don’t lie or cheat. I deserve this comfort. No? I almost choke on a surprise chuckle at this statement. After the last 14 months or more, many people feel like they deserve something better, especially if they’ve taken care of business and kept things afloat like Hercules with the world on his back, never letting it drop. We are so desperate we forget about just being … sitting back, relaxed, and open to receive the goodness and abundance in our lives.

When I’m outside in nature, the smells of the sun bouncing off my naked arms become the place of focus and peace for me. And when the sun isn’t available, it’s the warmth of my comforter or the arms of another vaccinated friend or family member. It’s the feel of Kali’s fur all smashed into my face like a silky robe vibrating with purrs for her mom. It’s the grace of sharing with another be it a meal, a card or letter, or just running errands with and for a friend that make us feel good, good about ourselves and our lives, regardless of what’s happening out there.

Expanding your well-being now and at any time requires accepting where you are right now. That’s the first step. If you can relax and accept this starting point, love and comfort will find you there. A few other hints include stop complaining, recognize and acknowledge the abundance in your life, stay in gratitude rather than in want, and get busy to change your outlook.

It’s no mystery how to improve your life. All that you need you already possess. Stop talking and start doing. Celebrate the joy you create for yourself.