A Big Basket of Luxuries That Won’t Break the Bank

Who doesn’t enjoy being showered with gifts? Sometimes it should be you who is enjoying those niceties too, right?

Who can’t appreciate the occasional treat be it chocolate or a new book or tickets to a music concert?

Do you agree that you deserve luxuries every so often? But just the word luxury brings up visions of expensive gifts that we can’t afford. It may not be that we don’t have the funds – although many don’t! – it may be that we have a stronger need to save our resources for the uncertain future where our own happiness and comfort is on the line. Plus, many want to share any ‘extra’ funds with family members, especially the grandkids! We all get that!

Everyone, however, is entitled to the infrequent something special that gives a lift to our day and perhaps to our week. These things don’t need to be costly or barely attainable to be considered luxurious. They need to be out of the ordinary, completely affordable but rarely enjoyed.

Here is my gift basket of suggestions for luxuries for yourself that are fun and fairly affordable:


~a nap



~people watching at the mall or any cafe

~a meal out – even if it’s fast food or a delicious lunch time sandwich

~replace that worn out toothbrush, socks, or underwear

~fresh berries

~leave an extra big tip

~Make a “Just Because” candy jar for someone

~a new coffee mug or tea cup

~splurge on the more costly toilet paper

~a small blank notebook for your purse or pocket

~buy the popcorn at the movies next time

Isn’t it time to make your own list and treat yourself?