Getting Your Doctorate Degree in Post Prime Aging (DDPPA)

I’m a beginner at getting old. That doesn’t mean I’m young old. I’m on the cusp of old old traditionally thought of as being 74 and above.

I label myself a beginner at getting old because I don’t have a ton of experience or sage advice on how to age successfully. I’m learning and stumbling around like everyone who’s getting old. If someone says they’re a master of the process, well, that’s just B.S.

When you want to know what others have experienced in getting older, you don’t look for a degree in the subject. No degree exists, despite the one I created in the title above. You ask your friends and family members who are making it look good, fun, easy, satisfying. All these folks are or have been beginners too. I’m sure they’re happy to share their advice and experiences of their process.

What does a Doctorate Degree in Post Prime Aging require?

Oh, how I wish I could hand over the curriculum and encourage you to attack the course work necessary to age successfully. It’s a different process and outcome for each individual. We’re here now to share our successes and failures with those coming behind us. At the same time, we are able to commiserate with our peers who are learning the ropes with us.

While there is no established coursework for the Degree in Post Prime Aging (DDPPA), there are a ton of resources available to elders regardless of age. If you’re 55 and pre-Social Security, if you’re in your late 80’s and dealing with the death of a spouse, information about your circumstances is available to you online or in person.

The DDPPA requires only that you stay open to receiving the information and help that is out there. What good does it do to need help in aging successfully while your only action is to complain and stay stuck? As an aside: complaining increases as we age; we become experts at it. However, complaining ultimately does no good and gets you no closer to feeling better or having your issues resolved. So, get over it and grab your diploma!

Elective Coursework

Here are a couple of suggestions for attaining your Degree in Post Prime Aging with ease:

~don’t give up – the only way to achieve success is to keep going.
~watch the company you keep – have you heard the adage: “show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are”?
~establish a back-up plan – when things don’t go as planned or fall apart entirely, have an idea in place about where you can go to get help and comfort and guidance to get back on track.
~prepare your mind for the aging process – don’t be overcome by surprise if and when the body does not cooperate with your best plans.

Degree/No Degree

A lot of how the years ahead play out is up to you. You have more control and power than it may feel like today. Give yourself credit … credit for getting here and for being open to remaining an active, vital participant in your future. You have more information about you and what you’re capable of than anyone else.

Your positive focus guarantees graduating Magna Cum Laude with your Doctorate Degree in Post Prime Aging!

Now go and celebrate your successes!