Holiday Launch


Will you get dressed in a costume today? Will trick-or-treaters ring your doorbell later in the evening than you’d like? Will there be sweet first-timer kiddos accompanied by parents out in the neighborhood simultaneously thrilled and overwhelmed?

Here we are at the official beginning of the holiday season.

Holidays can be difficult for some seniors. It’s often a time when family is far away or perhaps financial limitations zap some of the seasonal enjoyment. Sometimes we’re lonely, feeling left out, or even, bah humbug, cranky about all disruptive aspects of the season.

Some seniors look forward to the holidays and truly enjoy increased comradery and special events and gatherings.

How do you feel about the holidays? What do they mean to you? How have your feelings changed as you’ve aged? Do you strap in and grit your teeth until they’re over or do you welcome the increased spiritual awareness?

Either way, here we are!

Personally, I land somewhere in the middle of holiday enthusiasm. As an introvert, I’m easily overwhelmed feeling the pressure to engage more. At the same time, I do enjoy all the decorations, the music, delicious seasonal foods, and increased fellowship.

There is one tactic that I drag out and dust off at this time of year. I try to do it all year long, but it seems to spark the greatest joy during this time. It’s a bonus that it benefits not only me but others as well.

That thing is giving or doing something for someone else.

What can I do for someone else that would be well received, appreciated, and might even create a situation that gets paid forward thus expanding my little efforts?

Lots of times who the giver is remains a mystery, thus turning any situation into a random act of kindness. And who doesn’t love a sweet surprise. It could be a small bouquet of holiday foliage or a homemade goodie shared amongst friends. It could be an invitation to a home cooked meal, or hosting a small cocktail hour. What you give or what you do doesn’t have to be a big thing.

Think of who you’d like to share with and then plan the perfect gift or small event that would make their holiday season more memorable.

Our seasonal celebrations may look different because we’re older. It may be that we make them smaller and more personal, which is nonetheless just as fun. Don’t curtail holiday activities, just make them different, make them work for you and those you love.

Brighten someone else’s holiday. I guarantee the benefits you gain from your efforts will be magnified and returned to you.