New Year 2018

Are you going to wait until your politician is in office? Are you going to put off deciding until the path forward is free of all debris? Are you going to not commit until the majority has spoken?

What a waste.

What a waste that your future,  beginning with that moment immediately after this one, will be waiting around for some external action or non-action.

Isn’t one of the greatest things about being elders in our communities and in our nation as a whole that we get to choose the best for ourselves without worrying about much else? Do you need to be reminded of past decades, when the opinions of others influenced our actions? I’ve let go of those influences in the last ten years. I just don’t care as much what others think of me. That’s part of the beauty of aging.

That doesn’t mean I can be rude and defiant to others about my choices. It just means I can do what I want without a lot of input and approval from others.

We also have never been freer of outside obligations and responsibilities than at this time. Hopefully most of us no longer have burdensome parenting duties. Hopefully, if we goof up, others won’t suffer emotionally or financially.

With regard to making my own way, I know I’m going to do the right thing. Most of my choices aren’t going to hurt anyone. And if, by chance, I do screw up and find I did the wrong thing, or there was something better I could have chosen, then that’s a learning opportunity I value, even if I’m slightly still surprised to be learning about myself at this stage in life … even if I feel embarrassed or ashamed or am left stinging from a harsh experience.

I’m all about new beginnings.

Welcoming the New Year is an excellent time to begin anew. As you contemplate beginning again, take time to look around and ask yourself a few questions first:  What do I need to try to do again … better, smarter, faster? Who cares about what I’m doing? What happens if I fail?

Then, go for it. Please don’t let us look back one day when we’re almost done here on earth and lament something we wanted but didn’t try.

And if you think I’m lecturing, please know these words are meant for me, just as much as anyone else who struggles with getting done that one thing that has been on your personal “To Do” list for the past twenty years.

Happy New Year dear friends!