There’s a HUGE holiday coming up next week and I want to get you geared up to give. What? You’ve looked at your calendars and can’t find any notation about a huge national holiday that arrives next week? Oh, well, I’ll not spoil the surprise before then. Instead lets think about what you might want to give.

          The best kind of gift for both the receiver and the giver is the act of giving itself. Obviously, the recipient gets what you give, whether it’s a yacht or a sincere and loving smile. What you may have forgotten is the joy the giver receives. C’mon, admit it. Remember that time you gave a little kid something that seemed beyond their reach – a bike, ice cream cone, a movie ticket? Remember the look of wonderment and joy in that child’s face? It’s like what they experience bounces back into you tenfold.

          Everyone has something to give. It can be money or something that costs a little or a lot, or it can be that smile, or support, love, energy or just attention.  Whatever the gift, it carries with it a transformative power of love and connection that radiates throughout the universe. Giving encourages, empowers, nurtures and inspires all who come into contact with it.

          You don’t need to wait until next week and that big mystery holiday to begin giving. Start tomorrow. Look at what you might have to give and identify possible recipients. Check your attitude about giving AND receiving and let the practice carry you forward into your daily routine. This practice will enrich your life beyond imagination.

          Believe it.

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