Spring 2023

Spring began yesterday at 5:24 p.m. Did you feel it in the air? Did you feel the shift in the days and weeks leading up to this change in nature? Did you begin thinking of potting a flower or two to add to the brightness of your space? Did you consider looking through lighter-weight clothing in preparation for warmer days?

Spring is a favorite season for many people, especially seniors who have the time to enjoy its perfect warmth and brightness. The cliches about spring are true: new beginnings, growth, rebirth, greater openings. We take all those in with every breath of a bright spring morning. There’s hardly anything less than wonderful we can say about spring (allergies aside!). It’s one of the most uplifting times of the year.

My spring is enlivened with fresh vegetables that only appear at their peak during these few weeks, like peas, asparagus, and fresh herbs including parsley, dill, and chives. We are fortunate to have the availability of these fresh veggies all year ‘round because of international markets, but the locally grown varieties seem particularly delicate and delicious. I can tell the difference, can you?

I also enjoy bringing out clothes that I haven’t seen for months during fall and winter. It feels true, however, that climate change might be creating a year ‘round wardrobe rather than a seasonal one. Perhaps that’s just here in California.

What About You?

What are your plans for the months ahead before summer hits us with high temps? Have you been waiting for spring to do a new activity? Are there foods you eat only in the spring or more often during the few months ending in May? Do you look forward to more outdoor walks where budding plants can be appreciated? The consistency of new growth in nature reassures me, especially when weather patterns are more unpredictable.  

Other Observations

I also notice during the spring my kitty starts to shed her winter coat. Because black kitty Kali is a totally indoor cat, her coat doesn’t change significantly, but it still is noticeable on the white furniture!

New craft projects are fun in spring, whether doing the project alone or in a group. Do you have a favorite spring craft project?

Another spring event is “Senior Citizens Month,” as designated in 1963 by President John F. Kennedy and members of the National Council of Senior Citizens”? You can find out more about this year’s theme here.

What observations about spring have you made that you look forward to in the coming weeks? Does being a senior make the newness more intense? Whatever you do, be sure to take notice, to appreciate even the smallest changes that accompany a new season. I don’t want to push on to summer without celebrating Spring 2023.