Two years ago today I created my very first blog post on Antonia’s Senior Moments. I can honestly say it’s been one of the most creatively fun things I’ve ever done.         
          I’ve written some highly appreciated gems and some not so great, boring posts. I’ve taken a few chances to post slightly controversial as well as highly personal information.

          Through it all, I’ve felt the love and support of many people along the way. Without these people Antonia’s Senior Moments would not have been enthusiastically viewed by thousands and thousands of people all over the world.

Edward Viljoen, my mentor and teacher
Kris Oxford, my dear friend and voice of reality

Guest bloggers:  
          Gretchin Rubin
          Chris Michaels
          Jane Beach

          Margaret Stortz
          Carol Fleming
          Ron Donoho

          Suzanne Sackett
          Randall Friesen
          Thank you also to ALL my girlfriends and husband, Rod,  who spoke honestly and loved me in spite of some of my silly choices.

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