Having faith can be a bright tool in your basket of resources that helps you have a happier life. It’s always there, intangible but nonetheless powerfully available when called upon by us to maintain buoyancy in times of upheaval or question.

Many first learn about faith in church, yet it’s a mistake to limit our expression of faith only to religious experiences.  Faith is a mental attitude that relates not only to God or a higher power but to ourselves, our fellow citizens, and family members, and even to events.

Faith is a bet on something unseen. When we say we have faith in something aren’t we saying we see a possible positive or best outcome? Conversely, isn’t a lack of faith succumbing to a negative outcome?

It’s easier to have faith in something or someone which allows us to let go and move on to something else in life. For instance, it’s easier to have faith in good weather for a special event (a situation we have no control over) and then shift our focus to what we’re going to take or wear to the event and not worry about the weather anymore.

Did you know that people who routinely express faith generally experience less physical pain, depression and better overall health?

Where are you placing your faith today?