Vignettes in Aging – Risk-Taking

How willing are you to be vulnerable in the desire to get what you want? It totally depends on how vulnerable and for what. It seems some people are always willing to go out on a limb to reach for something they want, whether they think they can get it or not. Then there are others who are frozen by fear and never even try.

The negative connotation about risk is that it’s dangerous and that you might lose something, while the up side is that you might hit it big and get way more than you ever risked.

Good thing it’s your choice.

Only you can decide, in any given situation, whether you are willing to risk exposing yourself to ridicule or criticism or possibly losing something dear.

But here’s the main component about risk taking:  it isn’t called sure-thing taking. You may indeed get butterflies when you consider taking a risk and, yes, there is the possibility you will crash and burn.

The tradeoff is:  never doing versus learning something.

If you try and fail, at least you’ve learned something. If you never try, however, there is 100% possibility that you won’t be successful.

So, the next time you take the risk to ask someone out or approach your boss about a raise, submit your paperwork for a specific retirement date, or write a blog, think of it as a challenge that could bring you a joyous reward.

What risk are you willing to take today?