Vignettes in Aging – Simplicity

In general, people aren’t great at simplifying their lives. Funny how sometimes the world simplifies it for us, like these days with a raging pandemic, catastrophic weather events, and political and civic unrest that keep us on our toes dealing with the most basic of tasks.

When have we spent so much time at home being entertained by the simplest of things? That is, assuming you weren’t so terrified you couldn’t make the mortgage payment or feed your family?

To a great extent, we only have ourselves to blame for our complicated lives. Life is simple, even when it goes wrong. Pain and suffering exist, and they crowd out all the joy when we’re in the thick of a bad situation … for that period of time. Then the discomfort subsides but we persist with a complicated, less-than life.

Now is the time to be reminded of how a simple life can fill you up, even when you’re sad, afraid, or in pain – particularly when you’re sad, fearful, and in pain. Now is the time to remember you can create a simple and hugely rewarding life for yourself and your loved ones regardless of world events.


Feel the warmth of the sun on your face, and let it fill you, feel the fur of your pet or of an animal at the local shelter, or watch a classic movie, which will remind you of how we were before when life was indeed simple. Other ways:  read a book, write a note of friendship to someone, work a jigsaw puzzle, make food to share.

Now is the time to create space for simplicity to be lasting in your life. Life goes on whether we complicate it or not. Make keeping things simple a habit.