Vignettes in Aging – Truth
@MartinShovel ©️2018


Facts, reality – these are what truth is.

We all know what reality is, however, we’ve seen in the news over the last couple of years that truth and how it’s defined has been morphing into something significantly different.

In 2016 Oxford English Dictionary’s international word of the year was “post-truth,” a condition where objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief. This emerging post-truth world is over-valuing opinion and beliefs at the expense of data and proof.

Belief is a personality, not a fact. An idea is a personality, not a fact. Opinion is a view or judgment, not a fact.

We’re getting a little confused these days. Instead of welcoming those who question beliefs and ideas, some yell louder … or run and hide instead of doing the research to ferret out the truth.

How do you define truth for yourself? Has your definition changed as you’ve aged? How do you feel about the more controversial definition that includes personal beliefs? Do you have one definition of truth for you, your family, and your friends, and another for the greater world?

There is no wiggle room in truth. Shades of gray do not apply to the truth. One cannot be sorta truthful.

What truths do you know about yourself? Not ideas or beliefs, but facts?

Let’s preserve the purest meaning of truth both personally and within our nation.


Martin Shovel was kind enough to allow JOAG the use of this appropriate cartoon. Find Martin and his work on Twitter here.