Vignettes in Aging – Vision

Truly gifted is the individual who can see beyond the routine, beyond the mundane and beyond the obvious. We are expertly fed what we are to see and how to evaluate and categorize everything that is presented to us.

Hidden in the crevices of our perception, behind the judgments and incorrect assumptions, behind the stories that keep us stuck seeing the same thing over and over, and behind the mass marketing approach that keeps us striving for something different, is the truth. No one, repeat, no one can say what the truth is that you see.

Do you have 20/20 vision in terms of seeing the reality of all that life has to offer? Or do you ‘go along’ to fit in, to please, to not make waves or out of boredom or laziness? Are you afraid to say, “You know, I see something different.”?

It is those with vision unencumbered by prejudice or fear who can lead and inspire. These people become magnets for others who strive for calm, acceptance, balance, real beauty and truth.

When you look ahead, what do you see?