Vignettes on Aging – Kindness

What is something we have that is free, easy to care for, and is good for our health? What is something that makes others feel good to their core and that comes back to us ten-fold when we share it? Hint: The title here tells all! It’s kindness, and we forget its power and its ease of use.

I don’t need more stuff, and I don’t have an abundance of riches to buy you something you probably don’t need either. What I do have to share with you and everyone is kindness. This kindness has the power to provide soothing comfort and expansive joy in those who receive it. Every moment of every day we are given the choice of how we’ll respond to any situation. Kindness is a powerful tool to engage the goodness of others.

You don’t need to earn my kindness. You see, the true benefit of sharing kindness, regardless of another’s words and actions, is that it benefits you first and foremost. If you make it a habit to respond with kindness whether it’s ‘earned’ or not, you’re the one whose core is soothed and cherished. You’re the one who receives all the benefits like increased self-esteem, empathy, and compassion as well as an improved mood. Kindness decreases our blood pressure and cortisol, the stress hormone, as well as it improves overall heart health.

Being kind to others is being kind to yourself. What you give out is what you receive, and kindness shown is surely returned, perhaps not in that exact moment but at some point, because you’re signaling to the world, “I care enough to be kind, and I deserve that in return.” This attracts good people to you. People who are snarky and rude are avoided while kindness attracts the vulnerability and softness of almost everyone.

Share the blessings of kindness and encourage others to recognize and utilize their kindness for the good of others too!