Vignettes on Aging – Maturity

Do you have a good quote about maturity? Here are a couple of mine:

“Maturity doesn’t mean you stop fighting, you just change the things you fight for.” ~Carlos Wallace

“Crying is sympathy; Hiding tears is maturity.” ~Wrushank Sorte


Maturity doesn’t automatically come with age. It’s a separate entity that is deeper than age.

Maturity is about the way you are in the world. It’s about the way you see and understand things. It’s about what you value. It’s about how you value and consider others.

It’s about accepting the responsibility of being who you are at whatever cost. One component of maturity may be learning from our mistakes, making adjustments, and moving on without beating ourselves up too much.

Your maturity is tied to how you react in situations. It’s about how you represent yourself to others.

Successful aging and maturity is a balance between self-acceptance and being content on one hand and engagement with life and self-growth in later life on the other. This concept shores up the idea that wisdom is a major contributor to successful aging.

Let’s summarize. Maturity in adults depends on:

~How you plan your life and how you manage those plans
~How you are in the world: do you value others and respect differing points of view?
~Loving and caring for yourself and those who are important to you
~Being responsible to your core at all costs

Are you mature?