Vignettes on Aging – Perspective

When we’re young, it’s likely we view travel with enthusiasm and wonderment. We can strap on a backpack and head off into the unknown feeling secure that we can handle anything that comes our way. Now, as we’ve aged significantly from those days of our youth, travel into the unknown seems a little riskier, and we’re more unsure about your ability to survive in the manner we’d like. Our body’s limitations and our sharpness to respond  change our perspective from excitement as in our youth to added trepidation as we have aged.

Our perspective on life, on love, and on almost everything in the world changes as we age. It doesn’t always have to be a negative change as in the travel scenario above. It can be very positive in terms of seeing more options, more solutions, and more outcomes — something myopic youth have difficulty with often.

When you’re young, it’s all black and white, however, when you’re older (or old), we see more gray, less hard and fast, more ambiguity. While our view of the world and all its activities feels more limited as we age, we also enjoy improving certain abilities like being able to better and faster grasp the big picture. Because of this big-picture ability, we’re more likely to make fewer assumed judgments than the youngsters in our lives.

A person’s perspective isn’t bad or good – it just is. Keep in mind that no one person shares your perspective on everything all the time. Heck, even your own perspective changes more than you realize.

As with everything as we age, be kind when your point of view is different than another’s. There is no right or wrong in perspective (unless you’re trying to describe or copy someone else’s), just different.