What would it be like if for one day, one 24-hour period, you only allowed goodness in your life? What if, during that day, every single situation, thought, conversation, and action was viewed by you as positive?

          What if when you were cut off in traffic you gave thanks for no accident or for it not slowing you down? What if it DID slow you down and you acknowledged it as a reminder to make more for time for travel or to slow down in general?

          What if you didn’t take personally any off-the-cuff or out-wardly snotty remark that a friend, family member or co-worker made thinking they were just being cute? What if, when you didn’t meet your deadline, you were able to acknowledge yourself for being diligent and trying hard to do so, instead of kicking yourself and letting it ruin your day?

          What if for just one day, the goodness and abundance of life filled you to overflowing? How might your life be changed?
          It’s a choice, you know….this being upbeat versus letting things get to you and being pissy as a result. It’s a choice we make a thousand times a day.

          So you think, “Hey, that sounds good, now how do I start?” You can start anytime and anywhere. Start where you are; goodness will meet you there. Stay in gratitude for everything. Being in that place will change your perspective and uplift every outcome. A consciousness of all that is available to you will send multiples of goodness your way.

          Stop complaining about your life and make the most of all that you have. Stop comparing yourself to others who you think are happier because they have more, do more, or are more. Your happiness won’t come marching into your life unless you open the door and let it in.

           What if … what if you made a different choice just for today and met your joy in the process?

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