1. Never spend more than three days in isolation. Staying in your head without social connection can be detrimental to your well-being.
  2. Never pay for tax prep, landline telephone service, dentures, hearing aids, transportation, or college courses without first checking if you can get them for free.
  3. Never give up on exercise entirely, even if you’re confined to a chair (Google chair exercises).
  4. Never stop learning:  there are tons of short courses at the junior college or at a senior center or online.
  5. Never talk without listening deeply first.
  6. Never say “yes” when you really want to say “no.” Your time, energy, and money are YOURS!
  7. Never worry about things you can’t control .
  8. Never stay seated for more than an hour without moving your body (see #3 above).
  9. Never compare yourself to others.
  10. Never focus on the negative … for more than two minutes anyway.
  11. Never try to control anyone or anything except yourself (a real challenge for me!).
  12. Never waste your time with people who don’t support you, particularly when you mess up!
  13. Never take anything or anyone for granted — here today, gone tomorrow!
  14. Never assume it’s too late for love.
  15. Never assume anything … particularly about the actions, thoughts, or feelings of others. Ask them if you are wondering!
  16. Never allow negative people to pull you into their drama.
  17. Never let the truth of your words differ from the truth of your actions. Actions always speak louder.

Am I always successful at never doing these things? Heck no! They are, however, what I’m focused on and what I strive for to improve the quality of my life. What’s on your list?