All is well for Sue as she meditates

        When I meditate, I use the phrase “all is well” as my mantra. It isn’t the mantra I was given when I received formal training in meditation in Berkeley years ago, but it’s a phrase that carries significant power in calming me and helping me focus. I often say these three words at other times during my day, not just when I’m meditating.

          When I am afraid and unsure about an outcome, I remember: all is well. When life swirls around me, and I feel out of control, I remember, all is well. When I worry about nothing and everything, I remember, all is well. When I am discouraged and inconsolable, I remember, all is well.

          Each time I’m successful in replacing a negative concern or attitude with one that is more positive, such as “all is well,” I’m taking a step off the emotional roller coaster that spins my life through ups and downs. Staying positive doesn’t solve the problem. It does, however, reinforce that a negative attitude does nothing to solve anything. Plus, faking it until I make it has worked for me in the past. Sometimes you have to think it before you live it.

          In addition, I am reminded that I can quit trying to fix everything and everyone. Saying “All is well” lets me let go. I am reminded to live my best life and let others have theirs. I trust and believe in a universe that provides for me. Now when something unpleasant happens, I look for the opportunity that is created in its wake. Getting laid off can provide for a better job. A divorce or breakup can open a space in your heart for a greater love. Trying financial times can bring a huge sense of gratitude for the simple things in life. At the very least, an opportunity to learn from the experience is created.

                              Let ‘all is well’ provide comfort in your life.

All is well in Bali

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