I am a believer, and being a retired minister, I have had many years of prayer, meditation and working with thoughts.  My particular belief system practices the life-affirming idea of Oneness with God, so it stands to reason that, once one with God, one is never not one with God.  I’m always mixing it up with the Infinite mentally and physically as well since I believe that the Divine Energies, left alone to do what is natural to them, continually renew and refresh the body.  My cohorts and I expect to feel more vital, younger and more able, and so we do…except for one thing…wrinkles.
                I have tried every prayer practice and every moisturizing, wrinkle-deleting cream known to man, and still I seem to be losing an inexorable battle with gravity inch by inch, year by year.  Yes, I could get a face lift, but then I feel I would be erasing some of my history.  After all, I may not be thrilled with wrinkles, but I did earn them.  I can remember some personal losses that popped out a new, facial crevasse or two.  Worry and grief are costly, and they remind us that we may be spiritual beings but we are also subject to our humanity as well.  This, too, is an unavoidable life progression.
                Is there a magic bullet, something that will smooth out my smiling face and make me a girly-girl again?  Maybe the search for magic is the problem.  There is nothing magic about living a full and honest life.  There is nothing magic about growing into ourselves either.  Some wag once said that growing older is not for sissies, and that wise one was right.  Enough looking for the magic bullet already!  I’ll just keep laying on the lead-lined sunscreen, appreciate where I find myself and remember that I have more life to share than ever.

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