Appreciation Photos
Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash

Espousing Gratitude

I preach a lot about gratitude, about making it a part of your daily life. Meditating, giving money, and spending time in nature reflect the gratitude we feel. Using our time to do for others is the swiftest way to feel abundance in our lives.

How many times have I urged you to start a gratitude journal? I’ve talked about the power of listing first thing in morning or last thing at night – or both – one or more things you are grateful for that day.

Now I’m taking a more visual approach to acknowledging gratitude for things in my life.

Photos Easily Show Gratitude

As I moved from the chattier Facebook to the minimal conversation social media platform of Instagram, I’ve realized the power of pictures and how they can move me into joy and humor or into profound learning. Perhaps it’s laziness, but images can bring me instantaneous joy without a word being said.

So, I decided to take one picture a day of something I was grateful for. I’m calling them my Appreciation Photos. I may post them somewhere on social media, or I may choose to keep them private; I’ll see how I feel over time. I print many of them out and stick them up somewhere in my office, or next to my bed or on the mirror in the bathroom. A quick side glance is all that is needed to be reminded of these special things. I don’t even have to put on my glasses and move close enough to read any words. Glory be!!

Here are Some of Mine

Over the years, you’ve seen a cabillion pictures of Kali and my bed and the flowers and gifts I’ve been given that I’ve greatly appreciated, so I won’t share them again in this post. Here are a few of my recent Appreciation Photos. They were taken in middle March, and the focus was on flowers in my garden areas.

If you were to take pictures of something you appreciate daily, what would they be? If you’d like to share those pictures with me, you can send them to