Back to School

Is your life returning to normal? If so, how and by how much? While we seniors no longer have kids in school, many of us have grandchildren or great-grandchildren of school age, and their parents might be facing the in-person vs. online schooling decision. I feel for those parents!

While I say that, I know exactly what I’d do if I had grade-school kids. I’d keep them home. I feel there is no way we can keep our most precious little ones or their teachers safe in an onsite school environment. I believe in and trust the science that supports this opinion. Wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands.

But others are forging ahead, thinking that time makes the possible outcome somehow safer. We’re not in a safer place because a lot of time has gone by. We’re in a safer place only when the number of new cases and deaths go down and stay down for a period of time (two weeks? a month?), regardless of how much or how little time has elapsed.

In my neighborhood things are loosening up. Groups are getting together for BBQ’s and family gatherings and social hours. Many have decided we will be okay if we widen our social events just a tad, from like 3 or 4 people to 10 or so. Wearing masks is still hit and miss even in retail establishments that require them. No one is enforcing the mandate. How can they?

And yet the numbers in my county are increasing exponentially. For the first three months or so we reported none to 6 or 7 new cases every 24 hours. Now we’re showing on average 50-60 new cases a day – sometimes a 100 or more (114 new cases yesterday). We talk about the soaring numbers and shake our heads and go on doing what we feel okay doing, creeping slightly away from what we did in the beginning of things closing up. 

Yes, we’re all tired of being faithful to mask wearing and washing our hands as often as we were three, four, or five months ago. Heck, I no longer wipe every piece of mail or package I receive with disinfectant. I don’t clean every grocery item that gets delivered. Plus, I’m aware of the terrifying circumstances where income to support yourself and your family is impacted. I don’t have all the answers, but I know there are some resources available, even if they’re not permanent.

How are things where you are? Are things changing? If so, how? How do you feel about those changes? What do you do today that you didn’t do three months ago?

If you had kids and were facing the onsite vs online school situation, what would you decide?