Best Wishes

This year I’ve let go of stale and short-lived resolutions in favor of wishes. The wishes, which can extend from world peace to requesting one more episode of a beloved TV series, don’t need to be outlandish or comical. They can be an illustration of your desires, some of which you can probably accomplish easily on your own. It might be more fun at the end of the year to look at what you wished for instead of what resolution you did or didn’t stick with.

The following are some of my wishes for 2024:

I wish:

~it wouldn’t rain too much or too little
~rom/coms were a thing again in movie theaters
~movie theaters provided the best option for watching
~I could have that delightful fresh, clean sheets feeling every night
~our beloved pets transitioned at the exact same moment we did
~the Kardashians would stop being viewed as a standard bearer of the good life
~spring lasted longer than any other season
~gun control and mass shootings were a thing of the past
~Sinatra was available for one final performance
~when knees (or another other body part) needed replacing, we could just grow another one
~Starbucks still served French Roast fresh in its shops
~I got satiated on half of something– half a sandwich, half a serving, etc.
~my 99-year-old friend, Pat, knew how much she has positively impacted my life
~I could stay awake and alert past 8 p.m.
~scam emails and phishing schemes showed up in red online
~the ginkgo would be the state tree
~tomatoes didn’t cause me intestinal distress
~candy corn didn’t spike my blood sugar levels
~travel was easier for senior citizens … this senior citizen with stressed knees and less patience
~it was easier to maintain a certain weight

What are your wishes this year? Do you have a plan to make those that involve yourself come true? If you don’t 1) identify your wishes for the future and 2) develop a plan to make them happen, this new year may look a lot like last year’s did.