Vignettes on Aging – Characterizations

One of the easiest groups of individuals to characterize is old people. Obviously. your definition of old may be different than someone else’s, but you get what I mean. I’m talking predominantly about Baby Boomers — aha! There’s a characterization right there. But there are others.

Whether you think of an old person being 50 or not old until they’re 75, here are some items, attitudes, and ways of being in the world that are often associated with older people;

Comfortable shoes

Pill organizers

Early bird dinners

Getting into bed early, sometimes even before sundown


Sensory impairment, including vision, eyesight, and taste

Spoiling grandkids



Always scouting out a comfortable place to sit


Lacking in technological skills with phones, computers. and reading tablets

Temperature fluctuations

Physical aides to enhance mobility … canes, walkers, wheelchairs

All of these things have been associated with aging. You don’t have to experience all of them to see the pattern. For myself, getting into bed before sundown and early bird dinners are two traits that I embraced wholeheartedly. I’ve also been somewhat shocked at the number of naps I’ve snuck into my busy schedule.

These are just descriptors of the characteristics of many elders. These aren’t bad or good; they just are. How do you feel about characterizations of elders? Can you relate to any of them? What other characteristics might be on your list?