In his press conference before Christmas, President Obama said he was looking to 2014 as a breakthrough year after a rocky 2013.  While the assessment of his 2013 year may have been an understatement, what with his troubled health care rollout and plummeting approval ratings, it has been a less than jubilant year for many folks. But that’s not what I want to focus on in this short post. I’m shining a light on the possibilities of the New Year.

          Like spring, the New Year signals new beginnings. Because I am bored with meaningless resolutions (see How to Escape the New Year’s Resolution Rut), I whole heartedly celebrate a repositioning of my attention. I’m waking up, tossing back the blanket of “it’s a lot of bad out there” and jumping into a life of uplifting and meaningful possibilities.  I’m making a mini-correction of my approach to life.
          What are the best ways to make that mini-correction? For me, it’s to get quiet, be open and make a spiritual connection that supports and uplifts. I get quiet by meditating and open myself by listening rather than talking. I maintain a strong spiritual connection with a supportive community of like-minded people. In these ways I move back into the most nurturing and joyous space. From this place I can tackle anything that plummets.
          The negative things will always be there. The doom and gloom of hardships and bad behaving weather are a part of life. If we focus on them and talk about them incessantly they will be a significant part of our lives. Where is your focus in 2014? Do you need a mini-correction? If so, what does it look like?

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