Eighth Anniversary

This past weekend, with nearly 500 posts online, The Joy of Aging Gratefully turned eight. The content, which has focused on getting the most out of aging and all that encompasses, has covered a wide variety of subjects that touch elders, both directly and indirectly. Normal topics including health, happiness, friendship — both human and pet-wise, doing for others, forgiveness, and gratitude have enjoyed space on this address. Other topics such as wabi sabi and procrastibaking, while more obscure in our everyday lives, sparked interest in new ideas and ways to perceive the world around us. And we continue to be interested in our surroundings, good or not so good.

The honest reason I’ve kept producing this blog is because it ensures I continue to seek out that which will keep me happy and healthy for as long as possible. I’m constantly reminded by friends and readers that one needs to put in the effort to help these times become and remain some of the best of our lives. It’s easy to be negative, to gripe, to give up. Writing the JOAG, I push myself to stay in that positive place that fills me, that keeps me uplifted (most of the time!) and reassures me of just how little it takes to keep a smile on my face.

People who know me know that lots of the issues, advice, admonishments, and lessons are just as much about educating me as any of you readers. I need to be reminded about grace, and transformation, and not being afraid, and staying open and non-judgmental. I need to be strong and soft, quiet and compassionate, appreciative and humble. When you read these words know that I’m reminding myself of the valuable lessons to never forget.

Doing this blog helped me find my community. Thank you for being a part of my “home.”

P.S. And, no, I never would have guessed that I’d spend so much time talking about the things JOAG covered this year — most too negative to mention. Here’s to never losing our sense of curiosity and wonderment.