Five Ways to Strengthen Your Self-Command Muscle

How positive are you? No, not how sure you are about something but rather how upbeat and optimistic are you?

Positivity and negativity have significant impacts on our aging bodies and souls.

The test of how positive we are rests in the strength of our ability to keep afloat, face toward the sun, with good thoughts and healthy feelings, emotions, and habits — not all the time, but the majority of the time. This ability is referred to as our self-command muscle. The foe of this ability is the skeptical, negative, mostly victimized and weakened soul.

There’s so much to feel awful about and so much to fear, but there’s also just as much if not more to feel hopeful and enthusiastic about. It’s up to the strength of our self-command muscle to allow our inherent positivity to flourish.

Always gratitude

It’s a given that living in gratitude is the cornerstone of our well-being, and this goes for everyone, not just senior citizens. By now we have cleared the decks for all that gratitude brings into our lives. We know how to be on the lookout for things to be appreciative of in our lives, from the smallest thing like a beautiful sunset to significant things like the best possible medical results. And we celebrate them all. Without gratitude, our positivity quotient isn’t nearly as strong as it could be.

Grow your positivity quotient

Here are five additional ways to expand positivity in your life:

  1. Take care of your health – it’s more about feeling the best we can as opposed to looking good in an outfit or to please someone else. It’s a vicious cycle of negativity and not taking good care as the alternative.
  2. Laugh – When was the last time you gave in to a good, solid belly laugh? It might surprise you. The best way to be reminded is YouTube. There are a cabillion videos that will make you LOL all day. Check them out!!
  3. Surround yourself with positive people – Birds of a feather and all …. It’s hard to be positive and upbeat when everyone around you would rather b*tch and complain and look for all the bad in people and in the world. Ugh.
  4. Practice mindfulness – This is easily just paying attention … to your feelings, surroundings, thoughts, and what people around you are saying and doing, preferably with an open mind and no judgment.
  5. Be curious – Having a wide variety of new and interesting things to enjoy requires staying interested in all possibilities. One of the biggest complaints younger people have about oldsters is that we get stuck and never continue to learn after a certain point. The internet makes it so easy to keep learning and finding out about new things. We don’t know everything. There is still plenty to be curious and learn about.

I believe this coming year is going to require that our emotional and spiritual armor is in excellent shape in order to keep ourselves open to finding and celebrating that which makes us happy and keeps us healthy and engaged. The trick going forward will be in strengthening our self-command muscle and keeping the most positive attitude possible.