Life is Short

It goes by in a snap!
We get to an advanced age and realize we don’t know where the last ten years went. Here are some suggestions to ensure we live more fully in our remaining time.

Avoid negative people.

Hang with people who support your differences.

Be different.

Listen to your gut.

Do what works best for you.

Figure out what works best for you.

Don’t let hidden treasures stay hidden in storage boxes. Spend time with favorite mementos or let them go.

Shrink your recipe file by half (like clothes, if you haven’t worn or, in this case, made it, in more than 2 years, get rid of it).

Spend time outdoors every day, even if it’s raining (umbrellas, duh!).

Share one sincere compliment per day.

Do something for someone else at least once a week and keep a record of what you did (so you can gloat to yourself).


Don’t compare anything about you to others.

Eat the ice cream instead of the frozen yogurt.

Read a book. Read ten books.

Kiss a family member, including pets.

Learn something new every week and keep a record of what that thing is that you learned (so you can look back and feed pride in your accomplishments).

Quit living in the past.

Pay attention to what you think about. Your thoughts become your actions and hence your life.

Stop letting certain people add so little to your life.

Stop being invisible.

Learn how to get up from the floor without using a prop like a chair, couch, or coffee table – hands free (you can use the floor).

Spend most of your time someplace other than in front of the TV or on social media.

Move your body every day.

Withhold your opinion unless specifically requested.

Ignore the naysayers and go for it!

Share your rejuvenating time alone with no one.

Look at your wealth in terms of more than $$$. Be sure to count friendships, health, family.

If it’s painful, boring, not productive, or goes against who you are, stop doing it.


Write a hand-written note instead of an email, especially for birthday acknowledgments.

Let go of pain from you past. You did the best you could with the info you had at the time.

Promise yourself you will work hard to avoid negativity — in thoughts, words, and in the people you spend time with. Being negative in no way benefits our bodies and souls.

If you need to, print this list, cut out those things that you need to be reminded of, and stick them somewhere you’ll see them every day!