Gifting Yourself

The best thing you can do this holiday season (or anytime of the year!) is stock up on gifts for yourself.

It’s not a new sweater or a down payment on a vacation that I’m suggesting.  It’s not about splurging on a new car or that piece of jewelry you’ve always wanted. I’m also not talking about spending beyond your means for the perceived benefit of others, like kids and grandchildren. In fact, I’m not talking about money or stuff at all.

The gifts that will benefit you much longer and at a greater depth than any number of things you could acquire are simple and free. These gifts, if you integrate them into your life, guarantee greater happiness than you may be experiencing now.

It’s not a trick or slight of hand. It’s undeniable. If you incorporate more of the following, your life will be richer and more enjoyable:

~STOP complaining
~Love unconditionally
~Talk less, listen more
~Forgive everyone, including yourself
~Invest time and energy in yourself
~Encourage others, build others up
~Stop criticizing anyone and anything
~Do what you know is right, regardless of what others do or say

Oh, and did I say talk less and listen more? I did, but it’s worth repeating. We just loovvveee to hear ourselves talk. Zip it! Let others have their say. Listening to respond, where you’re often formulating a response before the other person has finished speaking, is transparently selfish. Listen to hear. Ask questions. Be ‘other’ focused.

There’s a need for so much in our world during this time, and you have the power to provide a lot of it by being focused on these gifts to give yourself. Don’t you see how encouraging others or laying off the constant criticism can begin to create a circle of kindness around you? This is a kindness and comfort that spreads out from you to others.

In a way, these gifts for yourself turn out to be gifts for others. It’s obvious. And it begins with you. Can you solve huge world discord and myriad political crises? Probably not, but you can begin to share your gifts with yourself and others, and that’s a beginning.

Kindness rules the day, and it begins with you.