Gimme Comfort – Part 1

I’ve been on a big comfort kick lately. I’m looking for it everywhere and anywhere. While I’m not a fan of comforting to cover up or avoid feeling the feelings, sometimes we just need a break … to refresh and regroup.

We’ve all heard that junk food posing as comfort food, excessive alcohol, or too much shopping rarely provide lasting and healthy comfort. I’ve made it a personal mission to seek comfort that feeds my heart, my soul, and my brain, as well as does no harm to my body. As it turns out, I can provide a lot of comfort within myself that is healthy and, in an effort to keep things fresh, I did some research that might help you self-comfort in these challenging times. Click your way to comfort.

Check out these links for some ideas on self-comfort. I watch the videos without sound sometimes too.

Here is an unusual video that does as it promises (for the most part); I’m not sure how, but it just does:


Delicious … in a quirky way:

Heartwarming, filial:

The Most Comforting Shows to Watch on Netflix (you be the judge)

Some find yoga very comforting
The Science Behind Yoga And Stress – The Minds Journal

Guided meditation for mindfulness with good spaces to have your own experience:

Book of Psalms – Pick a Psalm, any Psalm

Pick a chapter, any chapter.
How to Effectively Comfort Yourself (