Gimme Comfort – Part 2
Kali is comfortable.

Last week I provided a list of options, mostly videos, that could provide you with hours of healthy comfort, if you’re looking for a nice respite from the topsy-turvy nature of our world. This week I’m sharing some of my personal favorites for self-comfort.

YouTube is chock full of ways to be carried away upon hours of comforting videos, music, and laughter. Some of my favorites include:

~With gratitude, my personal favorite.
~Aretha provides loads of entertainment and comfort here.
~Movie trailers. Nothing can get me to hang on cheerfully six months into the future more than a movie trailer for an upcoming rom com staring Julie Roberts and George Clooney. Comfort is found in laughter. This one comes out in October; I’ll save you a seat:

~Watching people become US citizens in naturalization ceremonies always gets me teary and proud that our country, for the most part, represents comfort and safety for others. This is just one example showing people’s excitement and gratitude to become a US citizen.
~I use these breathing techniques for an immediate calm-down, if I’m super anxious:,
~I use this one also late at night when I can’t sleep:
~Kelly Corrigan – everything she does including podcasts and interviews and PBS shows, provides comfort. Check her out here.

And finally, in videos, here’s a grab bag of ones I love and have worn thin with replay:
*some rock and roll
*a commencement address by my favorite podcaster
*Animal Awwwww
*Just watch
*Never too many kitties
*Bach baby
*speaking of babies

And a few non-video comforting mechanisms:

~This great article led me to watching some wonderful movies from the past, like The Green Mile. Lots of comfort here.

~It might be wacky, but I’ve been known to toss 6 or 8 towels in the dryer then wrap myself in them when they’re all toasty warm. Giving forth a huge ahhhhhh.

~Learning to self-comfort, as we did when we were babies. That’s where my ‘blankie’ came in. Nothing wrong with a comforting blanket, towel, pillow, stuffed animal, or other accoutrement to help you sink into some serious relaxation for TV watching or just spending time on the couch with a book or my Kali girl.

The benefits of comfort carry over into my ability to handle stress and negativity. What do you do when you seek comfort from life’s trials and tribulations?