Good Times

When times are good, it is easy to believe.

When times are good, it is easy to trust.

When times are good, it is easy to love.

The holidays remind us of the good times. Holidays also remind us of better or different times, not unhappy, but noticeably different.

Let’s recall today that good times are meant for all the days in between the holidays too.

Keep in mind that, regardless of how tough or bad the times have been, you’ve been 100% successful in overcoming those difficult situations. You’ve had setbacks like us all, and you’ve had to accommodate in order to continue the path forward. But you did it!

Don’t let your difficulties define you. You are more than any thing that happens to you. And there’s an excellent chance that what may be harsh and uncomfortable today will be gone at some point.

Let the good times live past New Years, through all the days. You can share in good times, even when things are rough or disappointing or soul-crushing … even when your health or the health of someone you love is compromised or failing.

“Good” or “bad” is just a label. One may view your good time as a bad time. Regardless of how or if we label the time, it still exists; it still goes on, whether it provides comfort or pain.

If you feel this post is comprised of soundbites and clichés about handling bad times, you’d be right. In my opinion, every single one of these statements is true and, if need be, can be used to shore up any situation momentarily. Each is in my basket of coping tools to aid in my aging process in challenging times. Perhaps something here will help anchor you when tough times loom during the holidays and beyond.

Here’s to the good times … and all the times in between.