Here for You

A Short Story

My spiritual home conducted an interfaith service in January, the day after marches blanketed the United States and many European countries. As one of the community elders with bad knees/legs unable to get out to march, I was grateful for the service, which provided me with a chance to express my solidarity in the resistance against racism, sexism and all the “-isms.”

One of the speakers was sharing a story about a multi-faith funeral when, as part of his story, he spoke the words “I’m here for you.” The moment those words washed over me, I felt lifted in mind and spirit.

When was the last time I’d heard those words spoken with genuine concern? I was probably a kid the last time I felt scooped up into the arms of a stronger person willing to make sure I didn’t fall. I felt loved and cared for.

Try This Yourself.

Just for a moment, close your eyes. Feel the warm breath near your ear as someone affectionately whispers “I’m here for you.” What is the feeling you experience? Do you, like me, absorb a wave of watchful love and caring in those words?

I don’t have a mound of problems or burdens which require relief, but when those words were earnestly spoken, I felt a release of tension within my body and spirit. Perhaps it was the exhalation of concern I feel about the future. Perhaps it wasn’t a release from recent events, but from a lifetime of shallow breathing and vigilance should something troubling appear on the horizon.

I thought, wow, if these four words could lighten my mood, I bet they could do the same for someone else. So I spent the next week speaking these words and following through with ways to support others I encountered. In every case, I was rewarded with the same contented smile I experienced at the interfaith service.

The Power of Words

If ever you question the power of words, if ever you wonder if one little thing you can do for another makes a difference, or if ever you question the value of simply listening, try saying “I’m here for you.” Spoken sincerely, these words validate the human experiences of others. Even if you can’t fix it, whatever “it” is. Being present for someone is powerful in and of itself. It brings comfort and support and love.

Of late I’ve felt an overwhelming sense of powerlessness with world events. Now, however, I have a magnificent tool to improve the lives of others and to bring feelings of accomplishment and contentedness to myself. If you need it, add these words to your spiritual toolbox.

Take care and know that I’m here for you with love.