Now What?

Whether you voted for or against – and God I hope you voted! – it’s time to move on and decide how you will create your future, regardless of whether your candidate or ballot measure succeeded.

My personal goal is to not be ruled by any fury that takes over and plays out in the news, to not succumb to the backlash from negative rhetoric nor allow political dissidence to become a part of my world. These are days filled with profound comments, some made by people we admire and others by people we don’t. But conversations in my house will not center on the good, the bad or the ugly of how U.S. citizens have voted. I will, however, continue to participate in how our world, country, and community are governed. Regardless of what is said – either in sadness or in joy – the citizens of the United States are left with the future actions of those governing our nation.

The people have spoken, and there are lessons to be learned. What might have been or should have been or might be in the future? We can talk about it until we’re blue in the face, but only one question matters:  What will your actions be going forward?

Will you be less loving? Will you pray or mediate less? Will you treat yourself and others differently? I won’t. You can count on me to continue to look out for seniors and kids and animals. You can count on me to smile when I see you, to speak my truth and to look for answers to all questions, not just those in the political arena.

Every day on Facebook we see quotes and sayings and sometimes diatribes about what is needed for cooperation and success, but aren’t we preaching to the choir, telling each other what we already know? Isn’t the power of these messages and our loving actions needed to envelope those who feel disenfranchised, those who need educating and to bear witness to the power of our positivity? What actions are we taking to spread the word of a bountiful nation that supports us all? To have an impact, any message of peace and cooperation must travel outside our immediate community/city/state and this includes social media.

At this point, all I know for sure is that I believe in me. I can be compassionate and a good listener. I can be open to those who don’t share my point of view (but I won’t allow you to spittle your argument in my face). These things will not change about me.

What about you?