Sometimes saying “All is well,” doesn’t quite cut it for me. Say what, you gasp? Wasn’t it just a couple of blog posts ago when this “all is well” mantra was my panacea for everything?

          Yeah, but that was then.  It’s not working so well today.

          I have more than one tool in my restorative bag, however, and what I’m looking at today is an excellent backup that may work very nicely. It came about when we were talking about this month’s theme of humor at the Center (CSLSR). After the service, as I walked to the car, I realized my mouth and the fronts of my teeth were all dry and icky. I’d been smiling for over an hour as we heard jokes and talked and sang about the transformative power of humor.

          Humor and laughing are SO powerful, but I frequently forget about the goodness they bring to our daily lives and, in particular, to meld with and smooth out those times of stress and tension. 

What’s so great about being happy?

          Check it out. In addition to reliving stress, there have been a ton of studies around the world that support the notion that laughter:

        -Relaxes the entire body
         -Reduces levels of cortisol thus minimizing pain and
               inflammation throughout the body
         -Releases endorphins – the natural feel-good
              substances that make you feel happy and content  
         -Reduces blood pressure and improves blood
              circulation and oxygen intake

          These are all good things for anybody but particularly for seniors who seek diverse ways to improve their health.

          That’s the medical point of view. The FUN part of the equation is something I never remember often enough. I’ve been to comedy shows where my sides have literally ached the next day from laughing so hard, and I always swear I’ll go to those shows on a more regular basis. It’s just plain fun.  Plus, for me, being in a happy place melts any woes away. As lots of people have said, including me,“You can’t focus on the negative when you’re laughing and being in a place of fun and humor.”

          So, while “all is well” is a fantastic focus and always will be whether it’s working for me on any given day or not, I’m adding a big fat smile to my repertoire of ways to be happy in the world.

Need some help laughing?

          If you need some help getting into that laughing place, just check out this video. I guarantee you’ll be cracking up before the end of it.

Click here is you have trouble viewing this video
          No excuses for not letting the power of humor and laughter lift you to new heights of happiness and well-being.

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