The Message of Spring Begins Inside

For many, spring came early this year. A change in leadership, expanding vaccine distribution – shots in arms – blossomed, and late winter storms fed an early riot of flowers and greenery.

Every year around this time talk turns to all things anew, of hope and inspiring descriptions of routine events, like cleaning, and of gentle nudges to start that project that has laid dormant during the dark winter months. We talk and talk. We read the spring articles in magazines or online that herald this year’s spring colors or styles, and we revisit the best way to cook spring veggies and the best sunscreen to wear for the coming months of sunshine.

Not all is lightness and joy. While we are still struggling to get everyone safe and well and back in the swing of things, we’re not there yet. But we will be soon, I hope!

Spring is the season of new beginnings. Whether we’re still wearing masks, still stuck at home and online more than in person, you can celebrate all that spring brings forth.

Last spring was cut short by our confusion and disbelief. COVID and political and social unrest took over any feelings of celebrating fresh buds blooming, animals awakening and the earth coming to life again after the winter. Even the cute online pics of bunnies and brilliant daffodils wouldn’t improve our well-being. That was then.

Regardless of what is still occurring “out there,” we can celebrate and honor the meaning of spring within ourselves. It may turn out that blooming the spring within ourselves will be more illuminating, lasting longer than if we pinned our happiness to flowers and soft, fuzzy bunnies.

Here are a few ways to celebrate spring from within:

  1.  Plant a garden:  As HuffPost Life shared:  Plant thought-seeds about yourself and others that are rooted in reverence and loving-kindness. Plant seeds that focus on Infinite Presence at the center and circumference of all you say, think, and do at work, home, or play. Be mindful. Be skillful in the seeds you plant and how you nurture them.
  • Spring cleaning:  Get rid of toxic habits, people, thought patterns and clutter (stuff that keeps you feeling heavy and down). Let go of negative thoughts that serve no useful purpose.
  • Go on a hike or bike ride:  If getting out isn’t possible for you yet, listen to classical music that celebrates spring, like Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. Let the music soak into your soul, let it help you escape to a field of lightness and joy.
  • All of the above can easily include one of the most important aspects of spring – or any season:  Giving. Share the bounty of what you have with others be that time, energy, or money. Who doesn’t want someone to listen, without judgment? Get together with friends in whatever form that is, most likely online, to brainstorm the best ways to celebrate spring from within.

The joys of spring exist out in the world in majestical ways. The joys also exist within each and everyone of us. Celebrate those inward joys throughout the season.