Too Loud

The loudness of the news cycle is drowning out my attempts to remain in a calm and positive state. I don’t need to list those items from the most recent news cycle as examples of what has me vigilant and veering toward the negative. Different day, same upsetting news … day in and day out.

Do you think events of the day – any day – will improve in the coming weeks? Not likely. Are you steeling yourself for an even deeper dive into the unimaginably horrific behavior of others and events that are stranger than fiction? Yes, you probably are.

Sometimes I believe the news is meant to throw us off kilter. There is a lot to keep us sucked into the fray during any 4-hour news cycle. Just when I think I’m handling things, I wake in the middle of the night and struggle to get back to sleep.

Despite all the negativity, scariness, and fear, life is worth living, and it’s up to us to foster that attitude and let it expand within us. No one and nothing are going to bail us out and help keep us buoyed … except ourselves.

What to do to avoid getting caught up in negativity and get back to restful sleep and life with all the goodness we’ve created for ourselves.

There are a few things we can do to escape the ravages of fear mongering, especially that which is intended to feel all is lost and everything is beyond our control. While there is a lot that is beyond our control, it’s never too late to make space for pleasure and goodness to dominate our waking and nocturnal hours.

One of the main ways to not get revved up by politics, war, and bad behavior by others is to focus on our relationships. Our connection with others is where there is joy and peace and fun. These relationships function outside of the world around us. They can bring happiness and contentedness regardless of who is in office or where the latest waring factions in the world are active. Do I suggest we ignore atrocities and lies? Unequivocally, not, however, we can keep them in their place outside our interactions with family and friends.

What matters most

If we agree that our relationships with others are at the core of our happiness, then we must set or reaffirm our intention to keep them in that position.

I believe there is a time and place to be sure we pay attention to the truth and make sure we don’t allow lies or conspiracy theories to mix with the light of what is true. We are smart. We are capable of knowing what the difference between the truth and the darkness of lies is. We know better than to entertain and put out into the world anything that isn’t true. It’s counterproductive to repeat lies and weird theories in any social context, be it in person or online.

It’s popular within gatherings to rehash all that is going on in the world, to tsk tsk politicians, world leaders, and anyone seemingly in power. To what end? To show that we’re knowledgeable or involved? There is a cost to extended periods of this kind of interaction. If nothing more, it detracts from more joyous, soul-connecting, and fun times with friends. And time is a precious commodity for us.

All the rest of my time as a senior citizen enjoying what I worked hard to create is anchored in myself and the relationships that bring me a richness of love, joy, and a supportive community.

Set your intention now so you’re not caught off guard and you’re solid in the abundance of your fulfilling life without all the distracting racket.