All year long I focus on the happiness and abundance in my life. Every morning and every evening I silently acknowledge all the peace and joy and fulfillment I have created.

          During the holidays I’m particularly reminded that I choose to spend my time and resources on that which brings contentment to me and people who interact with me.  It’s not only about being a happy senior citizen or financially solvent or living in a place of beauty and nature. It’s about connecting with others, striving to always grow and expand, letting go of judgments, and it’s about incorporating forgiveness regardless of where I am and what I’m doing.

The light in your eyes
          In this time of sharing gifts, I personally can receive nothing more dear than the light in your eyes and the smile on your face that burst forward the minute you see me. It makes my heart sing to receive this from others, and I hope I can return the gift … to let you know you are loved and valued by me as your friend, spouse, acquaintance, co-worker.

          I am drawn to those who value the simple joys…the ability to laugh at ourselves, to celebrate the true wealth of friendships and to show unconditional support for personal growth and development. I can make my life way more complicated than necessary, so it’s nice to remember just how easy and rewarding it can be … without a lot of effort.

Letting go
          Finally, this is a time when I consciously let go and move my human focus from angst and self-criticism to fully embrace all that I can be … all that I already am. I am well and happy, and today I will celebrate that gift from the Universe.

          May your true gifts be simple and fully embraced.

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