Twenty-Four Hours
Photo by Adam Kring on Unsplash

Many of you join me in feeling weary and overwhelmed with all that is taking place in our country. The anxiety has been greater than I can ever recall experiencing. Between fires and evacuations, downsizing into smaller living quarters, staying healthy in the time of COVID, and keeping a close eye on programs that support me in my senior years, like Medicare, I thought briefly about reaching out to my doctor for pharmacological support to supplement my meditation practice and therapy sessions.

While I ultimately passed on taking any drugs, I decided a good course of action would be to reduce my world to 24-hour packages that reside directly in front of me. Instead of looking at all that might or could lie ahead, I’ve compartmental-ized events into each single day.

Today, I have twenty-four hours to move through life.

I can live with anxiety and anger and confusion or I can bring into focus all that is good and right in my world. I realign with gratitude to acknowledge pleasurable things like my kitty, Kali, my wonderfully supportive friends, and just the right amount of stuff to bring fulfilment and the ability to share with others. That stuff includes a comfy chair, a delicious cup of coffee, the beauty in nature within my vision, and all the necessary resources around me that keep me safe and satisfied, like tasty food, a vehicle to get me from here to there, a community dedicated to its residents’ continued well-being and safety, and connecting with friends even though we can’t kiss and hug yet.

The next 24-hour period is going to happen whether I’m anxious or open, angry or joyful, victimized or grateful.

In all likelihood, you too have twenty-four hours to focus on and celebrate. Would you give those hours away? Would you let anxiety and anger steal those hours if given the chance? Are you willing to let the greedy paws of fear rob you of the calmness and surety inside you? I didn’t think so.

I am grateful for these twenty-four hours and for the cabillion 24-hour packages that hopefully are ahead for me. I will not squander them on fear, anxiety, hate, and confusion. I know the comfort of a satisfying world, a world I have created for my self-satisfaction alone. This world brings me joy and everything I need. I share my abundance with others and help those who can benefit from my calmness and joy.

I have plenty. May I share with you?