Vignettes in Aging – Prayer

What is your prayer for today?

Most prayer is a request that seeks to stimulate a desired result. Some prayer acknowledges the favored result as though it is already in existence. It’s rare the adult who doesn’t fully understand the definition of prayer. In most countries around the world all you have to do is hold your palms together in the prayer symbol and people know exactly what you mean.

Prayer is a movement of thought within the mind of the one doing the praying; a desired result is sought.  There are no limitations or parameters for prayer. Prayer is highly personal. Your prayer exists to help you put your focus on the wish. Do you only pray when you need something?

Some prayers are more powerful than others. Some help us endure, others help us transcend. All prayers exist to bring comfort. Whether you pray to God or Mohammed or Jesus or something or someone else, prayer is a benevolent tool. No judgment is passed during prayer.

How have your prayers changed as you’ve aged?

From our human eyes it appears that some prayers are answered and some are not, and many reasons are given for them not being answered. Some say it’s because the answer to a prayer is in the prayer itself and that our human minds need to create the desired result in order for it to come about. Others say that certain conditions must be met before our prayers can be answered.

It’s easy to be distracted by whether your prayer will be answered or not. Keep your heart and mind’s focus on the desired result. Visualize it happening.

Was your prayer heard?