A New Reality

Source:  KRON, 747 dumping retardant

As many of you know, The Joy of Aging Gratefully is authored by someone who lives in the heart of the devastating fires in Northern California, which, over a week later, are not yet fully contained. In spite of being evacuated once, I survived, my family survived (including precious Kali) and my home is intact.

However, I have few words today. I feel grateful and, at the same time, hugely saddened by the loss sustained by thousands of residents and many of my dear friends. The loss of life and property and the scorching or complete annihilation of our world famous nature takes my breath away. Our community will never be the same.

I will post again next week but, for now, my heart is heavy. While I will pray for the losses of individuals, families and local businesses, I’ll celebrate all the arduous work of so many hard-working responders from all over the state and the country who kept the carnage from being even worse!

Take care friends and be safe!