Valentine’s Day – 2019

Valentine’s Day is day after tomorrow.

As a senior citizen, I think of Valentine’s Day in terms of love for all kinds of people, not just a spouse or partner. I think on this day we can acknowledge the love and affection we have for the children in our family, including the grown kids, as well as the friends, and acquaintances we admire. And don’t forget about our fur babies. Some of the purest and most unconditional love I have – whether you see this as a good thing or a bad thing – is the love I have for my precious cat, Kali.

While I have no love lost for the commercialism of Valentine’s Day (see my post Happy Valentine’s Day where I spoke about this displeasure), I think it’s valuable to take this time to outwardly speak or show your love to the important people or pets in your life.

How to show that love is up to you, based on who it is, where they are, and how much time, energy, and money you want to expend. Again, let me warn you that it’s not about the “stuff” of Valentine’s Day – the expensive flowers, gifts, or candy – that really shows your feelings. It can be a simple card.

In my opinion, the best way to show your feelings for the people you love is to tell them. “I love you,” is all you need to say. That costs you nothing! And it won’t add inches to the waist or hips of the recipient!

When was the last time you said those words to your person, be they friend or lover, or both? At this advanced stage of our lives, it’s easy to assume your partner just knows you love them. After all, you do cook special food for them or fold their laundry or bring them coffee. I mean, don’t they just know I love them? Nope! Okay, perhaps yes, but does it ever hurt to say it again?

I love you, readers!

I appreciate your dedication, your comments – even when you disagree with me – and I am seriously blown away when something I share holds meaning for you.

Thank you for reading.