A certain momentum is created when something is shared in a public forum. It is my decision to share my weight loss experience…even though I bristle under the exposure. It’s scary to make myself vulnerable and to truly reveal something I’ve been so talented at hiding – both figuratively and literally – for many years. I hope that hiding stops here and now.

It IS all about me

          This is MY journey and I, for sure, won’t do it the exact way YOU would do it, if you were going to tackle this issue. I will share things you may disagree with but it’s what I think will work for me and not necessarily anyone else. It’s my belief we each need to decide what works best for ourselves. In general, I’ll be moving more and eating less….that’s the basic plan. I am not following a commercial diet plan nor am I opting for any surgical assistance.

          This isn’t the first time I’ve lost weight. I’m 66 years old, and I’ve lost and gained weight my whole life…probably several peoples worth of gaining and losing, so I have some basic ideas of what works for me and what doesn’t. I want to lose enough weight to feel good, inside and out, but I don’t know how many pounds that translates into. I plan to stick with it until I’m a size that fits me, and it will be my ongoing goal to keep off any weight I lose.

          I may be successful and I may fail…but I promise to be honest with what my experience is and to share any insights I gain.

Part physical, part spiritual

          It is my belief that losing weight requires both a physical and spiritual approach. Thus, I will be seeking emotional as well as nutritional solutions that support me. It is my goal to be mindful to how my weight and how losing it affects my life and well-being.

          It is my intention to post this weight loss installment the first Tuesday of each month. I may also provide extra information during the week if something of value surfaces. I will track all my statistical information – what I weigh, what I eat, how much I exercise, etc. separately. If you’re interested in the details, let me know, and I’ll e-mail them to you weekly.

          If you’re interested in this process, let me know your thoughts and feelings. If you’re not interested in my journey, no problem…it’ll just be one post a month that you can skip over.

This is me today:
5’4”, 220 lbs.

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