No More
Jumping for joy

It’s time to get over it and move on. I did NOT say:  don’t care, don’t be involved, or don’t speak up for what you believe in. I’m also not saying shift any attention away from the devastation of the pandemic nor take it lightly now that a vaccine has been developed.

During the last few months – heck, the last few years – a significant portion of my happiness has been turned over to the outside world. It has been depressing at best. The divisiveness alone is disheartening; it’s been enlightening, but still pretty sad. There is lots of work that needs to be done — forever — and I plan to do my share.

I will not, however, spend time on social media and other news outlets letting myself get sucked in, being swayed and defensive, and, in turn, complaining about people or events, and acting shocked. It has been so easy to waste a bunch of time and experience a ton of angst over the shenanigans of what is happening “out there,” and it will continue to be so between now and January 20th and long afterward. We can worry, we can complain, we can be aghast. For what?

You know the drain of living in the COVID world these days and all the days of the past several months. It’s exhausting. As one of my friends, Melanie Faith, said of existing during these COVID days: “…the adrenaline of being out and about but in a state of low-grade fear and restrictions … well, it burns up my energy like a vampire has just sucked out a pint or more of my blood!” We’ve all felt this. Going forward, while keeping up safe practices, I’m hoping to shift most of that energy to more soul satisfying and uplifting activities.

No more

In addition to ratcheting down social media, I will not plan any of my activities and my happiness around the outcome of some speech, tweet, election, or trial. I’ve been doing that, and it’s no longer productive or rewarding to exchange joy and gratitude and compassion for anger and upset. Aren’t you tired of being shocked, disappointed, confused, impatient, and just plain pissed off?

I know right from wrong and the best way to help others be the best they can be is to live as an example without judgement or superiority and live in what I know is best for me, and let the rest go.

I will develop and expand my passion for constructive things that directly and, yes, selfishly enhance my life. It does me no good to walk around being upset, harping on things I cannot change, and being surprised at the weird behavior of others. We’ve seen it all already – over and over and over again.

Now is the time

Now is the time to shift away from the negative, away from the things I can’t control, and away from adverse things that might surprise me. Better to do that which is good, fun, educational, and that which expands areas of compassion, gratitude, and joy. I can’t do anything constructive if I’m hanging on to all the icky stuff that has happened and will continue to occur. Lots of people, from all walks of life, are still complaining and being in disbelief about events that took place months ago. Time to move on!

There are things you can do that in no way depend on the outcome of elections, nor are affected by wild and crazy behavior of people in the spotlight. Take the time to look around at what those uplifting things might be. I have a friend, for instance, who just a couple of months ago started learning about ham radios and another friend is taking an online origami class for the first time. I have at least three knitting projects that I plan to resurrect. Don’t just sit there and pout or feel down or victimized; get off your tush and lift yourself up. Try something different.

Time to focus on the goodness that is coming.

Letting go

Part of letting go of the labyrinth of crazy, depressing stuff around us is tantamount to coming to grips with people who will always disagree with you. These folks will always see some things vastly different than you do, and will not understand or condone things you feel are pretty sane and straightforward. I don’t know about you, but in the last year I’ve gone from just shaking my head at how people can believe and support some very wild conspiracy theories and some aberrant actions to my trying to use a coherent and simplified set of reasoning components to show where their thinking is just plain wrong. To no avail. All I got out of those interactions was frustration and disappointment — I’m sure they felt the same too!

A better world, a richer, kinder, and inclusive world, cannot be created out of negativity. So, let’s get constructive and begin with ourselves. Smile. Look for the good and see all that you can do to enhance your life and the lives of others.

Say yes to shifting your time and attention back to that which enriches your life. These remaining years belong to you. Don’t let anything detract from making them the best they can be.

After saying no more, what will you do?